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After 6 years of, we have closed the site down and are directing folks to use the Puppet Community Slack instead. The existing content is archived so existing bookmarks will continue to work, but new questions, answers, or comments will not be accepted.

We understand that this might be disappointing for some of you. Ask Puppet was launched in 2013 as a permanent home for questions and answers about Puppet. However with passing time, the way in which people asked questions has changed too. We believe that you will have a better experience by asking questions in real time in the Puppet Community Slack.

In place of Ask, we have instituted a few programs that we think might be of interest to you. Our Office Hours are regular Slack based Q&A sessions that provide you the opportunity to ask Puppet experts any questions you have or provide any feedback you'd like. They're topic based, so that you always know what the scope of the conversations can be. These sessions are completely open to the world, so stop by the Slack #office-hours channel and chat!

We've also enabled the Foqal Q&A bot on Slack and imported all the Puppet Docs and the existing Ask Puppet answers. It might automatically answer your question in channel, but if it doesn't you can always try direct messaging it your question.

The Google Group mailing lists and other mediums will continue to exist. You're welcome to seek out assistance in any of these spaces.

We want to thank everyone who has participated on Ask and helped our community out. You can see a list of the top contributors to the right. Each and every one of you rock.

See you on Slack and happy puppeteering!

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