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I was able to get the files from perforce to puppet AGENT. Did the following. in the agent node ; set P4PORT, P4PASSWD ,P4USER as env variables with proper values and run the configurations. I got an error saying "p4" is not identified, hence downloaded p4 executable from perforce site and put the same in the system path of agent and gave executable permission. Post that running puppet agent -t, gave error saying "P4: Perforce password (P4PASSWD) invalid or unset." Googled and as suggested tyoed "p4 login" in and enter the password of perforce user once. post that the everything went fine and the mentioned files in pp files of Master got moved from perforce to agent.

question still i have is: Is it possible to get the files from Perforce to Master directly to avoid installing p4 executable in all agent nodes. -- Currently the agent is reading the manifest files from master and executing it in agent . Is there anyway we can directly have the pp files/manifests in Master being executed at Master itself instead of going to agent and doing puppet agent -t.