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Take a look at this answer here, as it goes into detail on how to achieve static IPs:

For kickstart files with tasks, Razor includes several stock tasks for kickstarting e.g. RHEL. This is an example kickstart file that we ship as stock:

If you want to use a custom kickstart template (for this example, we'll customize the redhat task, but the same approach applies to others):

  • Make sure the config.yaml file includes a new path under task_path, e.g. task_path: /etc/razor/tasks:tasks
  • Create /etc/razor/tasks/redhat.task/kickstart.erb
  • Copy and modify the kickstart.erb file I linked above

When you boot a node that is eligible for a policy that uses the redhat task, it will pull your customized kickstart file instead of the stock kickstart file.

Let me know if you need any more info.