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This is a question that cannot be answered with the information you gave us. The load on the puppetmaster depends on how large your configuration is. Do you have large differences between node definitions or are they all the same? How many files do you have (they are verified every agent run with md5 hashes)? Do you use lots of plugins that need to be parsed every time?

The larger your manifest, the more servers you will need.

We currently run 250 nodes on just a single Puppetmaster (server does both Puppetserver as well as PuppetDB). Our puppetmaster is a VM with 4GB RAM, 2 CPUs and has a load of +/- 0.5. So looking at the load I suspect we can grow to 1000 nodes without running into any issues.

Our manifest is currently 4500 lines with 20 megabytes in the fileserver and roughtly 20 additional puppet modules.