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Another option to use is called Puppet Manifest Generator. It queries existing servers using PowerShell Remoting, then produces valid puppet manifests from the data it found. These manifests can be either used as is, or as examples to make something customized for your environment. The intention is to get you started quickly with an accurate set of information that you can tweak to suit your needs.

It can be as easy as:

Invoke-PuppetGenerator -ComputerName 'host01','host02'

Note that the servers you query must have PowerShell Remoting enabled, which means servers that have PowerShell v2 and above. It will use your current credentials, or credentials you provide at the prompt.

In order to use PuppetManifestGenerator, first install it on your workstation using these instructions. Then follow some examples here or use Get-Help Invoke-PuppetGenerator for some more detailed information.