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Thanks for the suggestion. IRL the use-case is a bit more complex than outlined here. The file resource is used within create_resources() to create files. The majority of files is created without templates, but in one specific case a template is used to iterate over a hash. Therefore I have to pass the template function to the the content-parameter in the file resource.
Otherwise your suggestion would have certainly worked.

So I try to reduce this code

# Puppet
class test() {

$files = {
  'file1' => {
    ensure => file,
    content => 'Some string',
  'file2' => {
    ensure => file,
    content => template('test/template.erb'),

create_resources(file, $files)


into (not working):

# Puppet
class test(
) {

# Hiera
    ensure: file
    content: Some string
    ensure: file
    content: template('test/template.erb')

it feels to me like this is something that should be doable, but I can neither find any technical support for that claim, nor reason why. Quite the opposite. Everything I know and read about Hiera and Puppet tells me it should not work (and it does not either).

So unless somebody knows a workaround this, I'll change my question: is there a more elegant way to do this?