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I'm wondering about the Puppet Version you're using, check that version and make sure of the compatibility with the latest NTP module. The other thing you may try is to create _"%{}"_.yaml (in your case, that should be _ubuntu.yaml_) with the needed content under data folder (check what you got from facter

Suggesting that because I also had a look on the same Module Code and as you well noticed, it's making use of Hiera as default back ends (instead of beloved "params.pp" pattern), In that Hiera hierarchy, I see that facts.os,name is coming before "%{}" and common.yaml...

version: 4
datadir: data
  - name: "Full Version"
    backend: yaml
    path: "%{}-%{facts.os.release.full}"

  - name: "Major Version"
    backend: yaml
    path: "%{}-%{facts.os.release.major}"

  - name: "Distribution Name"
    backend: yaml
    path: "%{}"

  - name: "Operating System Family"
    backend: yaml
    path: "%{}"

  - name: "common"
    backend: yaml