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So it turns out: We weren't able to fix this. A bunch of digging showed that the person who set this up originally had built a working Puppet install, then grafted Foreman on top of it, and this is a classic case of the steps of troubleshooting leading to "that should never have been working".

So our "fix", such as it is, was to rebuild a clean Puppet server. Bare CentOS 7 install, install Foreman first and let it handle the puppet install itself, pull in our pre-existing classes and build scripts, sign all the new certificates.

We needed to update the puppet CLIENT version too, but that's a simple task and can be done easily on each machine. From there we re-add the machines to classes and we're up again, this time with a more recent version of puppet server (4.10.6) AND a clear set of documentation on what we did to get from bare metal to here.

It's a lot more work than just fixing the old server would have been, but we couldn't figure out what was wrong with the old server.