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The puppet master process (2.x) or puppetserver process (3.x) wants to run on port 8140. The Foreman wants to proxy both 443 and 8140 connections. Puppet has no component that will listen on port 443. If you still have the original server, what was listening on that port? (lsof -i -P |grep 8140 then run pgrep on that PID.)

Puppet Enterprise (PE) ships with the Puppet Console that will setup a different web service on port 443. That will conflict with the websever for The Foreman.

Butif you are using Puppet Enterprise then there is no reason to use The Foreman. The Foreman is an "alternative" dashboard for Puppet.

With PE already have a full easy-to-use web-base interface and a provisioning system (razor) with Puppet Enterprise. The exception to this is if you are running a Satellite or Katello server. Those also integrate RedHat subscription management and the Pulp content management system into The Foreman.

It is possible to make conflicting ports work well with manual installations. However, it is a better idea to use the carefully integrated puppet installtion setup by the Foreman. This will not only properly handle port conflicts but also feed the classification system in Puppet with data from The Foreman.

Since you upgraded to Puppet 4 from an early 2.x release, does any of your code work?

If the code base was simple user -> package -> file -> service pattern code then it is likely to still work.