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TLDR: Append package { 'curl': ensure => installed, } somewhere in the class/module/environment where it can be called by this class.

First, let's break this down into a readable format:

class pwctestmobility { 
  $ensure = present 

  exec{'install app': 
    command=> "curl -X GET -k -sS -u user:pass", 
    require => [Package['curl']], 
    path => '/etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/production/modules/mobile/manifests', 

The error indicated that require line. Do you have a package resource declaration for curl? Should look something like:

package { 'curl':
  ensure => installed,

Also, while unrelated to the error given, the exec resource "path =>" declaration is the search path used for command execution, (similar to the $PATH environment variable) on the node. So unless the curl executable exists at '/etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/production/modules/mobile/manifests' on each node you plan to push this to it's probably not going to work.

Generally, you need to either declare the absolute path of the executable (ie /usr/bin/curl or similar) or declare the path(s) that it may exist such as:

 path => '/usr/bin'


path => ['/usr/bin', '/usr/sbin'],

You might want to do some more research on those resources: