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I can't explain it, but It started working after I made a few minor tweaks to the setup.pp file.

It appears that others have experienced strange behavior creating users!topic/puppet-users/EkT8H779j4E

 class gitlab::setup inherits gitlab {
  user { 'git' : 
    name        => 'git',
    ensure      => present, 
    shell       => '/bin/bash',
    password   => '*',
    home        => '/home/git/',
    system      => true,                      #Makes sure user has uid less than 500
    managehome  => true,
    comment     => 'foo',

  }#end user

The only difference I can see is I added 'comment => foo'. I tried going back to the original syntax, but the problem went away. I suspect there was a typo somewhere else in the manifest.