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Specifically, I use so that the thing that goes to puppetmasters is the latest version of 'master' which has passed the tests etc.

I.e. Jenkins has a 'run syntax' job which fires on commit. This saves the exact SHA, and passes it to 'run tests' (which then checkout and test that SHA), if that works, then we (by which I mean Jenkins) deploys _exactly_ that SHA to puppetmasters.

You can get more complex than this easily if you need to, with many stages code passes through, and automatic or manual steps to 'promote' the working code nearer to 'production' :)

The only real challenge is defining what you want the workflow to look like for your organisation, the technical parts of doing that then have a whole bunch of easy to steal prior art.

Feel free to ask more (more questions, that are more specific) about the actual thing you're planning if you'd like concrete advice.