Storeconfig without PuppetDB

asked 2014-06-27 07:59:25 -0600

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We are testing the catalog extensively with puppet-cucumber. I know that this project is no longer maintained by the original implementor, but it helps us to cover a whole manifest, integrating several modules. For individual modules, we use puppet-rspec. For the (rails) application we develop, we use jenkins to run the whole test-suite. I started using the same approach for the puppet testsuite. This was all fine until we added stored configurations and exported resources to our manifests. We use PuppetDB for that in production. So far everything is good.


While running my tests, puppet complains that exported resources won't work without storeconfigs turned on.

How can I enable storeconfigs without using PuppetDB?

Here is the list of things I do not care about / can accept in a non-production-ready state:

  • performance
  • ruby versions
  • gem versions
  • persistence for a long time.

I do care about:

  • portable setup (sqlite3 or memcache would be good, installing/configuring a full grown DB not so much)
  • easily scriptable setup with one script (no puppet-run to test puppet, please)
  • isolation (if possible. I don't want parallel test-runs to interfere with on another)
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