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Error with templates on agent

asked 2014-06-27 15:07:00 -0600

sghimire gravatar image

I am pretty new to using puppet, and am having trouble applying my puppet modules to a master-less server (the server only has puppet agent installed). I am able to successfully run most of my modules, however I'm having issues with modules that generate files using a template (for example, my ntp module).

[root@node1 manifests]# puppet apply site.pp
Notice: Compiled catalog for --hostname-- in environment production in 1.83 seconds
Error: Could not back up /etc/ntp.conf: Error 403 on SERVER: Forbidden
Error: Could not back up /etc/ntp.conf: Error 403 on SERVER: Forbidden
Error: /Stage[main]/Ntp::Config/File[/etc/ntp.conf]/content: change from {md5}cb737f15b80983aca104f75613ac909f to {md5}dd6b756a36dc0fd8d6be14a2bf416391 failed: Could not back up /etc/ntp.conf: Error 403 on SERVER: Forbidden

I am not entirely sure how templates work, however I think that this may be a server issue. (Does an agent node use a server when applying a manifest?)

Is there a way to make this work without installing puppet master?

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answered 2014-06-29 07:26:31 -0600

WhatsARanjit gravatar image

This usually happens when the hostname of the default filebucket can't resolve properly. Look in your site.pp on the master for the Filebucket stanza:

# Define filebucket 'main':
filebucket { 'main':
  server => 'master.puppetlabs.vm',
  path   => false,

Make sure the hostname under the 'server' attribute is resolvable to your Puppet master.

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answered 2014-06-28 09:19:44 -0600

cristaldo gravatar image

No, you don't need puppetmaster to use this modules like ntp por another module that use templates!.

  • First of all, we need to see what you have at site.pp
  • Second...You should run your puppet apply with the options!


puppet apply site.pp -tdv (And post here the reports)


this is a debug and verbose mode to see what is wrong. It appers that you don't have permissions at your files into the module or something like that.

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