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Can't install, ruby error message

asked 2013-05-01 13:25:45 -0600

samnyc gravatar image

Hi, I am on Redhat Enterprise 5.6 server. I did install Ruby. When I do ruby -v, I get this message. ruby 2.0.0p0 (2013-02-24 revision 39474) [x86_64-linux]

But when I try to install puppet. I am getting this error message.

rpm -ivh mcollective-common-2.2.3-1.el5.noarch.rpm warning: mcollective-common-2.2.3-1.el5.noarch.rpm: Header V3 RSA/SHA1 signature: NOKEY, key ID 4bd6ec30 error: Failed dependencies: ruby is needed by mcollective-common-2.2.3-1.el5.noarch ruby(abi) >= 1.8 is needed by mcollective-common-2.2.3-1.el5.noarch rubygem(stomp) is needed by mcollective-common-2.2.3-1.el5 ... (more)

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answered 2013-05-01 16:24:01 -0600

Stefan gravatar image

RHEL5 comes with ruby 1.8.5 and puppetlabs has build a ruby 1.8.7 package (e.g. they plan to drop 1.8.5 support. I wonder where did you get 2.0.0p1?

You can see the supported ruby versions here: and I guess these dependencies are also expressed in the RPM specifications so you are unable to install the packages.

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