how to puppet and diff without fqdn

asked 2014-07-10 03:29:06 -0600

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I have one problem, that how to manage the agent-nodes with puppet?

I'm using the openstack to auto generating the vms, and then puppet with several puppet-code in special pattern.


The system provision several vms, each vm has two attrs:

fqdn: maybe repeat(you know the vms are genrate by system in a complex env)

uuid: this will be unique, and is stored in a persistent file. it won't change

and below are two of them.


uuid: 20a558f1-2cd9-4068-b5fc-8d252c3f3262


uuid: 096359d6-5dc9-47e9-946a-bd702fe7c2d5

(Also, I can specify the hostname with the uuid, but I think it's not a good idea.)

and now I want to puppet them with puppet kick or mcollective puppet runonce.

with mco, i can choose the facter uuid, that will diff VM1&VM2.

mco pupppetd runonce --with-facter uuid=20a558f1-2cd9-4068-b5fc-8d252c3f3262

but I STILL MUST hardcode the fqdn in the puppet-code

node {

but in fact, I just want use it in the following style:

facter 20a558f1-2cd9-4068-b5fc-8d252c3f3262 {
facter 096359d6-5dc9-47e9-946a-bd702fe7c2d5 {

how can I write the puppet? or do some change in the architecture?

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