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How do i run httpd and puppet in the same server

asked 2013-05-11 13:41:05 -0600

Vishal Faldu gravatar image

Hi ,

I want to installed httpd server and puppet in the same server. As puppet is using 443 and other httpd using 443 .
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dawud gravatar imagedawud ( 2013-05-12 03:07:50 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-05-12 03:21:12 -0600

dawud gravatar image

updated 2013-05-12 03:25:41 -0600

Assuming that you only have one IP and can't use IP-based VHOSTS, you could use a dedicated name-based VHOST to have non-conflicting SSL/TLS services in the same Apache web server:

# vim:fdm=marker:syn=apache:ts=2
PassengerHighPerformance on
PassengerMaxPoolSize 12
PassengerPoolIdleTime 1500
# PassengerMaxRequests 1000
PassengerStatThrottleRate 120
RackAutoDetect Off
RailsAutoDetect Off
Listen 8140

<VirtualHost _default_:8140>
    ServerAdmin ""
    ServerName ""
    ErrorLog "|/usr/sbin/rotatelogs -f ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/puppetmaster/error.log.%Y%m%d 86400"
    CustomLog "|/usr/sbin/rotatelogs -f ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/puppetmaster/access.log.%Y%m%d 86400" logstash_json
    SSLEngine on
    SSLProtocol ...
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