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PE secondary master answer file

asked 2014-07-18 16:04:08 -0600

Does anybody have a puppet enterprise answer file for a secondary master. I have tried to reuse the samples on this page, but I cannot get it to work. It's responsibility will be solely to compile catalogs. This secondary master does not need a Certificate Authority, console or the PuppetDB. However, it does need to be able to access all of those. Ideally, those configurations are done at installation. I have also tried to make a custom module from some forge modules as well, and am unable to get it right.

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answered 2014-07-22 02:44:00 -0600

I don't have an answer file handy, but what exactly isn't working right? If you run the interactive installer from the command-line, you can create an answer file (see note below). Basically, just say "Y" to the master role and no for the others (PuppetDB and console). When it asks what host is providing those services, point it to your primary one (make sure the hostname is resolvable!). You can get the database passwords from the primary via its auto-generated answer file or the respective config files in /etc/puppetlabs/

Once installed, you'll have to update the secondary to disable the CA functionality and point it to the primary one. Those respective settings are: ca = false and ca_server =

*PE 3.3.0 changed the behavior of the CLI interactive installer. You can just run something like:

touch answers.txt && ./puppet-enterprise-installer -A answers.txt

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