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Puppet version difference on Master and Agent

asked 2014-07-24 09:09:10 -0600

Konstantin Boyanov gravatar image

Hello Puppeteers,

I am building a new Puppet environment for a new customer and because of specifica in the project i will have to use different versions of Puppet on the Mater (open source version 3.6, CentOS 6.5) and Agents (open source version 2.6, SLES11 SP0-SP3).

So may question is if this is possible at all? I know that puppet can be used with differences in versions between master and agents but I am not sure if the difference can be that big.

Any suggestions and information are welcome!

Thnaks and cheers, Konstantin Boyanov

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answered 2014-07-29 02:16:15 -0600

Gary Steven gravatar image

Best advice I can give is to check the change logs and or upgrade notes to see if there were any major breaking changes between the versions you are running.

You can bring up a 2nd master on a different port and try in --noop mode and specify the new port on the command line to see if any errors are reported during the run. I would try a good variety of hosts to ensure all of your modules work as expected before you flip the switch to be safest.

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