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accessing variables declared in an "each" from other classes

asked 2014-08-15 10:01:00 -0600


I want to ask, how other puppet user manage my problem.

I've a module "website" with websites declared in my hiera .yaml now I loop through these websites with:

        $website::website_values.each |$site, $values| { something }

ok so far. In my website::example I auto create some databases for these websites over the mysql_db provider and other things. there I've the $databasename, $password etc

now I've website::profile where I create the .profile file for the users (website name = user name). This file should contain the databasename and password. (yes, my question will follow soon!)

do I have to copy/paste the code from website::example to get this variable values from the website::example each? or is there another way to "export" them? (for example with facts) what is best practice?


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answered 2014-08-26 13:47:32 -0600

WhatsARanjit gravatar image

You'll want to outline your websites resources in hiera and probably use the create_resources function to create them all in one go. You can also use a defaults hash if they pretty much have the same settings.

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Asked: 2014-08-15 10:01:00 -0600

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