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In Windows 2012, puppet agent --test fails with the following error, but goes through when passed the --server

asked 2014-09-12 05:21:15 -0600

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updated 2014-09-15 14:44:54 -0600

c:\Program Files (x86)\Puppet Labs\Puppet\bin>puppet agent --test err: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: getaddrinfo: The storage control blocks were destroyed. warning: Not using cache on failed catalog err: Could not retrieve catalog; skipping run err: Could not send report: getaddrinfo: The storage control blocks were destroyed.

c:\Program Files (x86)\Puppet Labs\Puppet\bin>puppet agent --server --test info: Caching catalog for info: Applying configuration version '1410516470' notice: Finished catalog run in 0.28 seconds

Please Help..

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answered 2014-09-15 11:48:36 -0600

joshc gravatar image

The "storage control blocks" error indicates the agent cannot resolve the DNS name of the puppet master, see

You can execute the following as an Administrator to determine which server the agent is trying to connect to:

puppet agent --configprint server

You can execute the following command to set the property from the command line:

puppet config set server --section main <puppetmaster FQDN>
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