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Git For Windows Timeout

asked 2013-05-19 11:04:52 -0600

louis gravatar image


I have the following resources to install git on our windows server ci servers(don't need tortoisehg). It seems that is going for timeout even though the installation completes successfully. I have tried using the chocolatey cinst command but it is the same thing. Any other way how to install git on windows with puppet.

file { $pkg:
  ensure => present,
  name   => 'C:\Temp\Git-',
  source => 'puppet:///puppetfs/Git-',
  mode   => '0755',
  before => Exec[$pkg]

exec { $pkg:
  creates   => 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin',
  command   => 'C:\Windows\sysnative\cmd.exe /c "C:\Temp ...
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answered 2013-05-23 14:41:40 -0600

louis gravatar image

Fixed with this command line.

  command   => 'C:\Windows\sysnative\cmd.exe /k "C:\Temp\Git- /SP- /NORESTART /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /SAVEINF="C:\Temp\git-settings.txt" /LOG="C:\Temp\git-installer.log"',
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Asked: 2013-05-19 11:04:52 -0600

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