php5 disabled hetzner/roundcube and puppetlabs/apache

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Hi, I am using the hetzner/roundcube module which uses puppetlabs/apache to install and configure apache. My php5 is installed but not enabled. If I manually do a "a2enmod php5" php works and I get to the Roundcube page but I need it working from puppet by default. I am using Debian Wheezy. The relevant part of my puppet manifest is below. I hope someone can help? Thanks, Murray

class {roundcube::webservice::apache:
      apache_port => '443',
      mpm_module => 'prefork',
      redirect_to_ssl => true,
      ssl => true,
      ssl_cert => '/etc/roundcube/*',
      ssl_key => '/etc/roundcube/*',
      ssl_ca => '/etc/roundcube/comodo_high_assurance_ca.crt',

  class {roundcube::roundcubeweb:
      roundcube_backend => "mysql",
      force_https => true,
      database_host => '',
      database_port => '3306',
      database_name => 'roundcube',
      database_username => 'root',
      database_password => 'xxxxx',
      #database_ssl => '',
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Where's the part where you install php5?

ramindk gravatar imageramindk ( 2014-10-01 11:26:18 -0600 )edit