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How to force execution of node manifest?

asked 2014-10-02 19:52:53 -0600

ledy gravatar image

After puppet agent could be connected with puppet master, i set up all the node.pp, site.pp with includes

node 'my.first-instan.ce' {
  include '::prov::params::production'
  include '::prov::common'

When the puppet agent at my.first-instan.ce request the data from master, all plugins etc. are synced and updated with my.first-instan.ce host.

 puppet agent --test --trace
     Info: Retrieving pluginfacts
     Info: Retrieving plugin
     Info: Caching catalog for my.first-instan.ce
     Info: Applying configuration version '1412118529'
     Notice: Finished catalog run in 0.10 seconds

However, after pull, it's not executing the install tasks.

Furthermore, there is no error or notice which provides any reason why none of the include '...' or create_resources... which are expected for this node, were missed.

Checking the catalog /var/lib/puppet/client_data/catalog/... shows that it's not using the node definition as expected. (none of the included tasks listed there):


No error, but also no result. Have I missed any command or subtask which prevents the node from install?

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answered 2014-10-02 20:10:39 -0600

ledy gravatar image

issue resolved. conflict has been caused by a version conflict, 3.4 from ubuntu stable ppa which ignored environment conf. after upgrade to 3.7, performs well.

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