Puppi module problem: Parameter path failed

asked 2014-10-09 23:08:42 -0600

swarly gravatar image


I'm trying to use the Puppi module to do a simple deploy like:

node 'blah.example.com' {
      class { 'puppi':  version => '2', }

      puppi::project::tar { 'test23':
        source      => 'file:///tmp/abc.tar',
        deploy_root => '/tmp',
        report_email => 'moi@example.com',

But when I run a puppet agent -t on the node, I get:

puppet-agent[5450]: Failed to apply catalog: Parameter path failed on File[puppi_workdir]: File paths must be fully qualified, not 'puppi_workdir' at /etc/puppet/environments/dev/modules/puppi/manifests/skel.pp:99

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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