Require help regarding Puppet Linux masterand windows agents communication.Require guidelines to configure master and agent communication

asked 2014-10-10 05:09:42 -0600

venkata gravatar image

Required help regarding puppet linux master and windows agent communication. I tried to connect puppet master and agent but it is not connecting. Can you please provide some guideline to configure master and agent communication.

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Please provide more details - logs (can use gist/pastie/etc) and what you tried. Config files from the master and agent would be helpful as well, as would the version of Puppet you are using.

llowder gravatar imagellowder ( 2014-10-10 07:16:40 -0600 )edit

I have sent mail with the steps followed and the screen shot as well. Have you received it?

venkata gravatar imagevenkata ( 2014-10-10 09:40:52 -0600 )edit