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Puppet enterprise 3.3.2 with AWS EC2 Redhat root auth

asked 2014-10-10 16:41:48 -0600

currtis1 gravatar image

Hi guys, I'm wondering if someone can help me, I'm trying to get Puppet Enterprise running on my AWS EC2 Redhat machine, however I get the following message: Can anyone shed some light please?

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answered 2014-10-13 06:48:55 -0600

DGM gravatar image

Some more details that might help someone answer:

  • Which AWS image did you use to create the instance?
  • Where are you running the installation from?

A couple of initial things to check:

  • Has the EC2 instance been configured to allow SSH as root? (the default config for most images is key-pair only authentication from an unprivileged user, like ec2-user)
  • Does the security group you have attached to the AWS instance allow SSH from the IP or IP range you are connecting from?
  • Is there a local firewall on the instance itself that might be inteferring? (iptables)
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