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Why is giving me 500 Server errors on package upload?

asked 2014-10-11 15:30:55 -0600

hesco gravatar image

updated 2014-10-11 15:33:24 -0600

The three times I have posted here in the past, it was because I had figured out something which I wanted to share because an earlier search here turned up no clues on how to proceed around some warning or error.

But this time I'm hoping folks will clue me in, because I am coming up completely empty.

I am an author of the hesco/weave module. It was my first ever module published to the forge, and that only a few days ago. Since then I have tried repeatedly to upload two new versions of this code: v.0.05.1 and v0.06.7.

I'm using a Makefile to build my releases. Its make release target reads like this:

$ cat Makefile 

release: *
        /bin/bash scripts/
        /usr/bin/puppet module build --verbose
        /usr/bin/git push origin master --tags

I'm using puppet module build as I have been advised both on the #puppet irc channel and by the instructions at the forge.

However, after repeated attempts, I continue to get these errors on EVERY upload attempt:

Oops, that didn't work
500 Server Error

I cannot imagine its because some C-I server is rejecting my work for linting issues, based on some of the styling I've seen from projects I have downloaded from the forge.

I have tried this with both chrome and firefox. Same results either way.

I suspect that a 500 Server Error relates to an issue server side which has nothing to do with what I am doing, or how I am packaging my code. But attempts to report that issue lead only to offers to sell me support for a Puppet Enterprise license, or back to the irc channel, where I have posed this question three or four times in the last three days without a reply.

I'm hoping that my posting this here will either (1) bring this (disk full? broken server side code? whatever) issue to the attention of whoever maintains the forge site; or (2) illicit some guidance of the magic incantation required to achieve success.

I cannot imagine I am expected to delete the previous version just to upload the upgrade, and fear doing so will leave me with no version of this code on the forge. In the mean time, if you care to check out this package, I can only advise, that you grab the latest with a git clone, until the forge site is fixed.

Any help with this is appreciated.

-- Hugh

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answered 2014-10-13 00:34:24 -0600

hesco gravatar image

updated 2014-10-13 15:33:30 -0600

Further investigations show that other authors have successfully uploaded new versions of their modules to the forge during the time I have had the issues reported above.

A day or so ago, I had removed the Modulefile from this project, after I got warnings reporting that it's use had been deprecated. I just restored it from my repository, rebuilt the package and tried again, without changing the results.

Will see if I can get the attention of someone from puppetlabs on this issue by #irc on Monday.


adreyer on #puppet channel has created an issue:

where he wrote: "In this version of the metadata version is set to 0.06.7 which is an invalid module verison due to the leading 0 in the minor version. . . . This should be returning a 400 with helpful information rather then a 500."

I tested that theory, and was able to upload a new version to the forge: "Version 0.6.11 released Oct 13th 2014".

I had not noticed that nuance at before, where it states: "A normal version number . . . MUST NOT contain leading zeroes."

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