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NTP Quickstart Guide Has Incorrect Example re: Editing Class Parameters via Console

asked 2014-10-22 12:28:13 -0600

jscarano gravatar image

Puppet Lab's NTP Quickstart doc specifically gives the example '' (w/o quotes) in the "Use the PE Console to Edit Parameters of the ntp Class" section and also shows a screenshot with a simple ntp server value example in the Sever field.

The problem is that the field evaluation in the init.pp calls for an array (even though their example in the doc doesn't show array syntax...ugh). This is disheartening to a new learner when they check the event inspector after running the agent to see that no change has been made. I was only able to determine the cause until after I happened to run a puppet agent --test on the affected node. Puppet Labs, please fix this. It's step 4 of the "Use the PE Console to Edit Parameters of the ntp Class" in this doc: Thanks!

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answered 2014-10-23 08:37:44 -0600

llowder gravatar image

The best thing to do would be to go to the bug tracker with the information you provided in this question.

If you want, you can even fork the project on github, fix it and include a PR.

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