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external facts are ignored by facter

asked 2014-10-29 19:08:45 -0600

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Running puppet 3.7.2 on both the master and the client. The issue is that although external facts are being copied to the client during the puppet run, the do not turn up when I run facter -p.

They do run when I run "facter --external-dir=/var/lib/puppet/facts.d/"

Do I have to set something up in puppet.conf for facter to see that directory by default?


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answered 2014-11-04 23:08:28 -0600

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Currently, external facts are not loaded by facter when using the -p|--puppet command line argument. So you will need to specify an --external-dir to see them when running just facter.

However, if you are running puppet, then your external facts will be loaded, e.g. if you have an external fact foo, then you can verify the external fact is loaded by running:

puppet apply -e "notice($foo)"

See for more details.

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answered 2015-12-22 05:52:30 -0600

Hi there,


puppet apply -e "notice($foo)"

Only gets the global environment's value

This is the correct way to get the facter value:

puppet apply -e "notice($::foo)"

Mine seems to not work

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