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Gather all ip addresses

asked 2014-11-01 12:16:16 -0600

Glueon gravatar image

updated 2014-11-01 12:17:42 -0600

Is it possible to extract all IP addresses from facts? I see that there are facts like ipaddress_eth0, ipaddress_eth1 which contain IP address of a certain interface.

Also there is interfaces fact which lists all interfaces I have. Then in order to get all IPs i need to take interfaces from the interfaces fact and iterate over ipaddress_$interface?

For example to write then to the file like:

file { '/etc/allIPs' : content => $allIPs }

Or maybe there is a syntax to retrieve facts which match certain regexp, like interface_.+ and then glue them together?

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answered 2014-11-01 20:29:28 -0600

jonuwz gravatar image
$template='<% scope["::interfaces"].split(",").each do |int| -%>
<%= scope["::ipaddress_#{int}"] %>
<%- end -%>'

  ensure => file,
  content => inline_template($template),
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