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future parser error

asked 2014-11-13 06:38:16 -0600

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I have below code

class dummy::eachtest{

$filename = [1,2,3]

each($filename) |$value| {
file {'/etc/dummy/manifests/${value}':
ensure => 'directory',

I got below error when I compile

Could not match |$value| at /etc/dummy/manifests/eachtest.pp:5 on node

Got an update need to add future parser in config file

I added parser = future in puppet.conf under [master]

Now I am getting the below error when I compile eachtest.pp manifest

Use of 'import' has been discontinued in favor of a manifest directory

My puppet version is 3.7.3

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answered 2015-04-03 19:51:02 -0600

w/o being familiar w/ the future parser:

by the keyword „could not match“, I guess: the single-quoted '/etc/dummy/manifests/${value}' marks a string which won't be further inspected, just treated as being done. putting '/etc/dummy/manifests/${value}' into double-quotes "/etc/dummy/manifests/${value}" may do the trick.


Somwhere (/etc/puppet/manifests/modules.pp) is a import statement which won't be supported any longer.

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