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Passing params from one defined type to another defined type

asked 2014-11-14 20:32:48 -0600

Pindish gravatar image

I have a need to define my hiera data with multiple levels of hashes. For example:

My yaml file:

    time: '10:30AM'
    wday: 'Thu'
        action: 'add'
        name: 'john'
        age: '47'
        action: 'delete'
        name: 'tom'
        age: '21'

In my base class I call the first defined type:

$data = hiera_hash('mymod::mydata', undef)
if $data {
  create_resource(mymod::manage_mydata, $data)

I can see the actual data I get in mymod::manage_mydata with:

notify { "users = $users": }

But when I call another defined type with create_resource(), "$users" has null value in mymod::manage_users:

create_resource(mymod::manage_users, $users)

How do I pass the value of $users to "mymod::manage_users"?


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answered 2014-11-15 19:25:34 -0600

Pindish gravatar image

Passing variable this way actually works. I have a different problem, will post a new question.

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