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How to make SQL queries against MySQL/MSSQL databases for insert/updating rows?

asked 2014-11-21 19:02:53 -0600

John Ericson gravatar image

I'm in need of finding a good way to query existing databases to make sure rows/values exists in tables and if not inserting/updating them. As I'm working against several different database vendors such as MySQL and MSSQL I would prefer an abstracted layer for doing this so it's easier to learn and use.

Has anyone done something similar and knows a good way of doing it? Something like in the Puppet world would be really nice.

Thanks in advance, John

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answered 2014-11-24 08:13:47 -0600

drdam gravatar image

We are using an Oracle DB, but I guess this could be ported to any database you want to use:

I created a puppet package on the database (stored procedures). This package has some functions (userexists, tablespaceexists, synonymexists, ....) and some procedures (usercreate, tablespacecreate, synonymcreate, ...). These functions and procedures contain all statements necessary to create the wanted object in the database.

In our oradb module we have some defined resources for all database objects we want to manage via puppet.

define oradb::user (
  $user       = $title,
  $oracle_sid = undef,) {
  # step 1: get passwords from hiera
  $user_password = hiera($user)
  $puppet_db_user = hiera(puppet_db_user)

  # step 2: create tablespace
  exec { "create_use${user}":
    command => "/bin/su - oracle -c \"export ORACLE_SID=${oracle_sid};export ORAENV_ASK=NO;. oraenv; echo \"exec pck_puppet.user_create('${user}','${user_password}')\" | sqlplus -s puppet/${puppet_db_user}",
    onlyif  => "/bin/su - oracle -c \"export ORACLE_SID=${oracle_sid};export ORAENV_ASK=NO;. oraenv; echo \"select pck_puppet.user_exists('${user}') from dual;\" | sqlplus -s puppet/${puppet_db_user}\" | grep \b*[0]$",

When the Oradb::User resource is used in a manifest, I first run the onlyif command. This will use the userexists function in my puppet package on the database. If the count returns 0, then the user doesn't exist and the usercreate procedure is called in the commandparameter.

This works similar with other database objects.

The above exapmle could be modified to work with multiple databases.

define db::user (
  $user       = $title,
  $oracle_sid = undef,) {
  # step 1: get passwords from hiera
  $user_password = hiera($user)
  $puppet_db_user = hiera(puppet_db_user)

  # step 2: create tablespace
  case $database {
    'oracle': {
      # Exec for oracle database
    'MySQL': {
      # Exec for MySQL database
    'MSSQL': {
      # Exec for MSSQL database
   default: {
      # Exec for default database

you can chose for a custom fact to determine the database used on the host (this is the most transparant way) or you could pass the database via a parameter in the define. The only requirement is you can use a command line tool to access your DB.

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Hello, I wanted to develop a puppet code to change password of sys/system account in database using puppet and would like to know the details on how to connect to sqlplus through puppet Thanks again for your time and help ~Shaji

shajics gravatar imageshajics ( 2018-03-09 04:51:27 -0600 )edit

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