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examples of using the API to extend the rbac timeout on 3.7 Enterprise Console.

asked 2014-11-26 14:10:32 -0600

mjeski gravatar image


would like to understand the API for rbac more. My first task is to extend the timeout, can anyone give an example command?

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answered 2014-11-27 02:36:46 -0600

jonn gravatar image

I'm not sure you can update session timeouts via the API. It looks like you need to update the configuration file - mine is in /etc/puppetlabs/console-services/conf.d/rbac.conf.

Using the API more generally looks to be similar to the other Puppet APIs - an example would be:

curl -E /path/to/cert -k https://localhost:4433/rbac-api/v1/users
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