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Error: Could not autoload - Either a default value or block must be provided

asked 2014-11-30 05:01:32 -0600

Cardil gravatar image

I've been scraching my head for coupe of hours on this and I didn't found any solution. Mayby someone here can help me figure that out. I've got an error when testing on travis-ci (rvm==1.8, puppet==2.7, facter==1.6).

I can't reproduce this on my machines and that is a mindfuck to me. It also works on travis-ci when changed to facter==1.7.

Here is failing build: Here is one working:

Error is:

lib/puppet/util/autoload.rb:85:in load: Could not autoload xtreemfs_volume: Either a default value or block must be provided

Any ideas?

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answered 2014-11-30 15:50:54 -0600

updated 2014-11-30 15:55:32 -0600

I would think the low hanging fruit here would be checking to see that all the facts your invoking in your code area available in facter 1.6. It's possible that you're invoking something, even something that doesn't seen entirely necessary that doesn't have a value or an undef in facter 1.6.

Of special note is the additional volume core facts in 1.7 and the addition of external facts.

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