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PE 3.7 Console Live Management: Received frame of type 'ERROR' expected 'MESSAGE'

asked 2014-12-14 01:57:12 -0600

Pindish gravatar image

We have a "split installation" of PE 3.7. That is, puppetmaster, puppetdb, and puppetdashboard are on separate machines. pe-activemq is installed on the puppetmaster. 'mco ping' (running from puppetmaster) is able to find all three nodes. With the console, click on "Live Management", shows an error message:

An error occurred while the server was looking for active nodes. For more information, check /var/log/pe-puppet-dashboard/live-management.log.

The error message in /var/log/pe-puppet-dashboard/live-management.log is:

[2014-12-14 07:50:39.600 UTC] ERROR [USER: admin] [SESSION: b47ddfcd0462a070b9d7f8b9e6214f5d] Received frame of type 'ERROR' expected 'MESSAGE'

What could be the root cause?


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answered 2014-12-17 15:45:21 -0600

Pindish gravatar image

I figured out. The problem was caused by incomplete installation of the puppetdb and puppet console components. For split installation, those components need to be installed as an agent first, then run the individual installation.

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