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unable to export ipaddress from one node to another

asked 2014-12-17 07:23:49 -0600

manjunatha tn gravatar image

updated 2014-12-17 21:39:01 -0600

GregLarkin gravatar image

Hi, I am able to export IP within a node but Unable to export IP address from one node to another by using export resources. Neither its throwing any error nor giving output. I would request you to help me on this. Thanks in advance.

# /etc/puppet/manifests/dbservers.pp
include admin::file

# /etc/puppet/modules/admin/manifests/file.pp
class admin::file{
  @@file {"/var/www/html/wp-config.php/${::ipaddress}":
    path => '/var/www/html/wp-config.php',
    content => "\ndefine('DB_HOST',\t${::ipaddress});",
    tag => "hostname"

# /etc/puppet/manifests/webserver.pp
include admin

# /etc/puppet/modules/admin/manifests/admin.pp
 class admin { File <<| tag == "hostname" |>> }

Db log

2014-12-17 17:32:13,177 INFO  [c.p.p.command] [b7bdb729-9d34-4f08-9f35-040547f0eeff] [replace facts] globalcert.openstacklocal
2014-12-17 17:32:14,060 INFO  [c.p.p.command] [42860bee-7e26-4b24-8233-62d2860f5346] [replace catalog] globalcert.openstacklocal
2014-12-17 17:32:16,211 INFO  [c.p.p.command] [1d0b9f5b-9cb6-4aa9-bd80-a3d015525576] [store report] puppet v2.7.25 - globalcert.openstacklocal
2014-12-17 17:32:32,954 INFO  [c.p.p.command] [e08f3bb1-8e3f-47ea-9dbd-c36f2238017d] [replace facts] globalcert.openstacklocal
2014-12-17 17:32:33,851 INFO  [c.p.p.command] [097b99e1-544e-4581-8bfa-013308499e72] [replace catalog] globalcert.openstacklocal
2014-12-17 17:32:36,337 INFO  [c.p.p.command] [e673f85f-8b7d-45fd-8101-f94d81a2d26b] [store report] puppet v2.7.25 - globalcert.openstacklocal
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answered 2014-12-18 08:25:07 -0600

Cardil gravatar image

It looks to me like you don't have any storeconfigs setup. If so, puppet should acts exactly as you describe it. Do you have a PuppetDB properly setup?

As from - :

Exported resources require catalog storage and searching (formerly known as “storeconfigs”) to be enabled on your puppet master. Both the catalog storage and the searching (among other features) are provided by PuppetDB. [..] Exported resources can also be enabled by the deprecated active_record storeconfigs backend. However, all new users should avoid that and use PuppetDB instead.

You are using a old Puppet 2.7.* so you can use deprecated storeconfigs = active_record option, but you really should use PuppetDB.

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Hi Cardil, I have configured Puppet db in same puppet master server and I could see log rolling in puppet log whenever agent run in client node but its not throwing any error. However puppetmaster server version is: 3.7.3. Thanks for your reply.. Please find the below puppetdb log.

manjunatha tn gravatar imagemanjunatha tn ( 2014-12-19 00:51:09 -0600 )edit

2014-12-19 12:21:11,843 INFO [c.p.p.command] [4f6dec69-4ad5-4ee8-8109-667691950026] [replace facts] globalcert.openstacklocal 2014-12-19 12:21:12,955 INFO [c.p.p.command] [57bb5471-a4d7-4d99-8610-0ecf93b11aff] [replace catalog] globalcert.openstacklocal 2014-12-19 12:21:15,743 INFO [c.p.p.command

manjunatha tn gravatar imagemanjunatha tn ( 2014-12-19 00:51:37 -0600 )edit

I really don't know is it gonna work with 3.7 master and 2.7 agent. It's a big difference. The logs dosn't tell anything to me. I would log in into PostgreSQL puppetdb database and try to find your exported resource with SQL. If it's there that's fine - it could tell that problem is on agent node

Cardil gravatar imageCardil ( 2014-12-19 02:43:03 -0600 )edit

Hi Cardil, Both client and master agents are running same version 3.7. For trouble shooting purpose I un installed puppetdb. Installed MYSQL server in master server and configured together, it seems db is working fine but I am not able to export ip address from one machine to another.

manjunatha tn gravatar imagemanjunatha tn ( 2014-12-22 01:33:21 -0600 )edit

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