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PE 3.7 console-auth config.yml settings: smtp, console_absolute_url, etc.

asked 2014-12-18 19:39:13 -0600

Pindish gravatar image

We have PE 3.7 installed, split installation, on Debian 7. When creating user accounts, registration emails didn't get sent out. But users' Activity tabs say email already sent.

With PE 3.3.2, we specify the settings in console-auth/config.yml file:

  address: localhost
  port: 25
  use_tls: false
  ## Uncomment to enable SMTP authentication
  #username:  smtp_username
  #password:  smtp_password

  ## Configurable in days, 0 means infinite
  freshness_period: 0

  min_length: 8

  ## The complete user facing URL that points to the PE console. If there is
  ## only a single console, this is it's URL. If there is a cluster of consoles
  ## behind a load balancer, this is the public facing URL of that network.
  ## Used for creating activation links sent in emails.
  ## No trailing `/`.

With PE 3.7, where to specify those settings?


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answered 2014-12-22 16:08:02 -0600

steveax gravatar image

3.7.0 and 3.7.1 do not have the capability to automatically email newly created local users. You can generate a password reset token either through the PE Console (in the local user's detail screen click the "Generate password reset" link) or through the RBAC API and email that to the user. This token will let the user set their password.

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