mysql grant

asked 2015-01-07 15:35:33 -0600

Thomas.Edgar gravatar image

I want to know if the puppetlabs supported mysql module supports the '%' wildcard to grant access to all DB clients. Given a database called campaigndirector and a user, mzadmin I want to emulate:

    grant all on campaigndirector.* to 'mzadmin'@'%';

The way I tried to accomplish this is with puppet:

  mysql_grant { 'mzadmin@localhost/campaigndirector.*':
    ensure => 'present',
    options => ['GRANT'],
    privileges => ['ALL'],
    table => 'campaigndirector.*',
    user => 'mzadmin@%',

Does the above user hash work? 'puppet parser validate' does not complain - but the access does not appear to have worked when I check the database via mysql (ala 'show grants').


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