Puppet apply returns -1

asked 2015-01-08 00:45:08 -0600

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We have an automatic deployment tool that calls 'puppet apply' command on the client servers using mcollective. Most of the time everything works fine, but sometimes the puppet apply command returns -1 instead of 0 although the manifest is executed successfully and there're no visible errors.

What can cause this weird behaviour?


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Can you post a link to a pastebin of the output with the extra command-line arguments "--debug --trace --detailed-exitcodes" and when the process exits with -1?

GregLarkin gravatar imageGregLarkin ( 2015-01-08 19:30:13 -0600 )edit

Here you go. http://pastebin.com/9P36iRbh Thanks!

mp gravatar imagemp ( 2015-01-13 02:59:40 -0600 )edit