How to Safely remove Default Vhost in Puppetlabs Apache Module?

asked 2015-01-15 05:51:01 -0600

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I am using the puppetlabs/apache module to create:

  • 2 Vhosts
  • 1 Vhost is set to be default (using 'apache::vhost::default_vhost: true')
  • Remove the default Vhost (using 'apache::default_vhost: false')

However using the option to remove the default causes Apache to fail to start. with the following error:

# service httpd start
Starting httpd: no listening sockets available, shutting down
Unable to open logs

I have tried to find information on the error and all answer point to disk space/selinux/reinstalling Apache and I have tried them all to no avail. Any reason why this option might be failing? I need to get this set as I cannot have Apache bound to every interface on Port 80.

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Are you sure that any of the other vhosts has properly configured a logfile - and the path + the permissions to this logfiles are correct? Could you please run "apachectl -S" on the Webserver which is throwing the error?

mat1010 gravatar imagemat1010 ( 2015-07-03 10:24:32 -0600 )edit