Concat module is never installed: Could not get filebucket from file

asked 2015-01-23 01:41:59 -0600

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I'm not certain if this is a bug with the concat module, or something else; but I'm drawing a blank on debugging it. The HTTP logs on the master imply that it's never even fetching the file (I see HEAD/GET/PUT for other files, but not this one).

Error: /Stage[main]/Concat::Setup/File[/var/lib/puppet/concat/bin/]/ensure: change from absent to file failed: Could not retrieve content for {md5}7bbe7c5fce25a5ddd20415d909ba44fc from filebucket: Could not get filebucket from file

The concat setup.pp file can be seen here:

The compiled catalog on the host contains this bit of JSON for the file, the only interesting bit is the absence of a source entry.

        "parameters" : {
           "checksum" : "md5",
           "owner" : "root",
           "ensure" : "file",
           "group" : 0,
           "mode" : "0755",
           "content" : "{md5}7bbe7c5fce25a5ddd20415d909ba44fc",
           "backup" : false
        "file" : "/var/lib/puppet/checkouts/environments/production/modules/concat/manifests/setup.pp",
        "exported" : false,
        "title" : "/var/lib/puppet/concat/bin/",
        "type" : "File",
        "tags" : [
        "line" : 53

So why does it never fetch the file? This is causing all dependent resources to fail.

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