Puppet client loading old configuration files

asked 2015-01-29 09:47:04 -0600

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I have a couple of servers running on Centos6. I have recently changed the location of my internal DNS servers, and as such have changed the content of the resolv.conf file being pushed out to my puppet clients. After a reboot today, I have had 2 servers load the old resolv.conf, which obviously means these 2 servers could not resolve my server names anymore, which led to them not being able to pull the correct configuration from my Puppet server.

I have found a couple of files in /var/lib/puppet/clientbucket containing the old information, which leads me to believe the client might have tried to use these as a reference.

What could be causing this behavior? Is there a way to prevent my Puppet clients from using old configurations at all? Should I just remove these old files from the clientbucket directory?

Thanks for any insight you might provide!

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