Version management and dependencies for custom module

asked 2015-02-10 07:04:24 -0600

Akira01 gravatar image

Hi, i want to write a custom module that manages deployment of database script. Deploying a simple script is quite easy but i don't want to write a new module for every version. I have the following issue. I get a major 1.0 version that hat e.g 3 scipt packages included (all of them are in a zip) Lets say amt 1.0, obo 1.1 and cbo 1.0 Later on I get 3 Hot fixes for amt 1.1, amt 1.2 and cbo 1.1 Next mayor version is 2.0 with amt 2.0, obo 2.0 and cbo 2.0 When I have to setup a new environment for testing I just want to say, that the server should go up to mayor version 2.0 but he has to install all version from 1.0 including all hot fixes plus the 2.0 scripts. Is there an elegant way or do I have to specify this in a config file where I tell puppet which version has to be installed to ensure the target version?

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