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Access PuppetDB Over a WAN

asked 2015-02-27 05:25:14 -0600

djc72uk gravatar image

Hi all,

Is it recommended to access PuppetDB over a WAN? By that I mean we have two sites that each have 2 x Puppet Masters and about 280 agents per site. All agents check-in to the site specific Puppet Masters. We're thinking about introducing PuppetDB in one of the sites in an attempt to make it more of a single solution. I know that technically having multiple Puppet Masters access a single PuppetDB instance is possible however, our DBA's are frowning upon the idea suggesting that DB access over a WAN would introduce a whole host of performance concerns and issues which I tend to agree with in principle. If this is generally not recommended, then what would be the best approach to effectively merge (for a better word) both sites with PuppetDB?


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answered 2015-02-27 06:38:29 -0600

PorkCharSui gravatar image

updated 2015-02-27 06:40:01 -0600

I can only image it causing trouble if you have a bad connection out there, otherwise... why wouldn't you?! On my site here we only work with "real world" IP's (we own a b-range), so we do pretty much everything over "WAN".

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