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Puppet Enterprise - 2 groups sharing Classes

asked 2015-03-10 08:18:21 -0600

ankur0101 gravatar image

updated 2015-03-11 00:23:14 -0600

Hi, I have installed PE 3.7.4. and I have 2 agents as agent1 and agent2. In PE console, I created 2 Groups.

  1. ABC (set rule to match hostname as agent_1)
  2. PQR (set rule to match hostname as agent_2)

In /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/environments/production/manifests, I have 2 class files as

  1. mc.pp (installs midnight commander)
  2. htop.pp (installs htop)

Now I added mc class to ABC and htop to PQR. According to this, mc should get installed in agent_1 and htop in agent 2. Both of the agents have a common group as "PE MCollective". Problem is that mc and htop are getting installed on both agents. Do I need to remove "PE MCollective" from both of them ?

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answered 2015-03-31 18:56:17 -0600

GregLarkin gravatar image

No, the PE Mcollective group is installed as part of the Puppet Enterprise infrastructure and should not influence this issue. If you remove that group, mcollective and live management may fail to work correctly.

In the PE Console, navigate to the node detail page for each machine. On that page, you should see what groups the machine is a member of and what classes are assigned to it. Verify that they are correct, and if they are not, please check your group configuration.

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