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Could not retrieve fact='ipaddress', resolution='<anonymous>: Network is unreachable -

asked 2015-03-13 02:40:44 -0600

koushik gravatar image

updated 2015-03-13 15:28:54 -0600

HI, I recently had to reinstall my lab environment of puppet, and for some reason I get this message on my puppet nodes when running - "facter ipaddress" I'm kinda new to puppet and I have no idea why that happen, last time I installed exactly the same and it didn't happen. Here's is the full error message: I'm using Windows, and VMWare Player, Putty

"Could not retrieve fact='ipaddress', resolution='<anonymous>': Network is unreachable - connect(2) Timed out after 2 seconds while resolving fact='ipaddress', resoultion='<anonymous>'


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2 Answers

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answered 2015-03-13 04:44:16 -0600

looks like this is more related to the DNS setup you have - can you type

hostname host hostname

if theres a long (>2s) delay then that would be the issue - has /etc/resolv.conf changed?

(Im assuming your using linux here..)

Cheers Stuart

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answered 2015-03-13 21:27:36 -0600

koushik gravatar image

Thanks for your response Stuart Am using windows, VMWare (with linux centos 6.5) and Putty and following learningVmware quest guide

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