problem with all virtual resources being realised on second agent run

asked 2015-03-24 17:39:40 -0600

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updated 2015-03-24 20:19:05 -0600

Hi, I have a set of modules running under 3.7 which define a set of virtual resources for all our users. After the master has been restarted, the puppet agent runs correctly and only realises the user for the host specified, however, when the agent is run a second or subsequent time, the catalog fails to compile returning a 400 virtual resources can not be realized error listing all of the virtual resources defined in the modules.

Has anyone come across this behaviour before, or can suggest how/why this is happening ?

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Do you have a small reproduction case that exhibits this behavior that could be shared?

csharpsteen gravatar imagecsharpsteen ( 2015-03-24 20:23:45 -0600 )edit