Puppet Agent and master communication not based on node/host name

asked 2015-04-01 13:41:38 -0600

mt gravatar image


I know puppet Agent and master communication is based on the "node name" which is being configured in "site.pp" in puppet master. Can you please help me, is there any way to communicate based on any other data other than node/host name

My requirement is, I spin-up/create nodes dynamically and I don't know the node name upfront. Then different browsers shall be installed on node based on the manifest/configuration provided in puppet master. example: The following site.pp indicates, catalog will be transferred based on node name win7ie11. But in my scenario, I don't know the node name. So I would like to configure base on the metadata on node side. node 'win7ie11' { include winie-v09 }

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